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Stock Markets

  • Philippine stocks up nearly 3 per cent
  • Sensex up 0.78 percent in early trade
  • Tokyo stocks up on Wall Street jump, rising current-account surplus
  • Thai shares up 2.13 per cent on Moody’s upgrades
  • Stronger yen, selective buying create mixed trading in Tokyo


health News

  • Finding the right gene may help break obesity-type 2 diabetes link, says expert
  • Protein ‘key’ may guide efforts to develop treatments for nicotine addiction
  • 11 new genetic variations linked to type 2 diabetes
  • Gene linked to fertility problems identified
  • Cholesterol crucial to brain development


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Somalia News

  • Two Kenyans kidnapped at gunpoint from Somalian printing shop
  • Somali insurgents stone man to death for adultery
  • Somalis, Palestinians, Afghans rebuild lives in Hungary
  • Somali pirates demand 7-million-dollar ransom for British couple
  • Dozens killed as insurgents attack presidential convoy


Kenya News

  • International prosecutor targets Kenya election violence suspects
  • UN to cut support for Congolese army after civilian killings
  • US envoy: Kenyan attorney general banned from US
  • Somali pirates seize Thai vessel, move British couple to land
  • White Kenyan aristocrat released five months after manslaughter


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