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Actos Class Action Lawsuit

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Actos is a member of controversial TZD (thiazolidinedione) drug family. Drugs in the TZD family work by increasing the sensitivity of body cells to insulin that is produced by pancreas. The other drugs in the family, Avandia (rosiglitazone and Rezulin (troglitazone), have been restricted of withdrawn from the market due to deadly side effects.  All TZD drugs are generally linked to edema, anemia, heart and liver problems.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals introduced Actos to the market and claimed it was a safe alternative to Avandia. Actos sales skyrocketyed even after studies revealed it increased risk of congestive heart failure and bladder cancer. Suave marketing by Takeda enables it to record stellar sakes records even as researchers delve deeper to drug’s connection to severe health complications.

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Actos Precaution

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a black-box warning which is the stiffest caution regarding its connection to heart failure for patients with or without heart problems.

A study on the Actos for 10 years shows that it carries an FDA warning stating that using the drug for over a year increases chances of bladder cancer by 40%.   Actos is also linked with risk ort blindness and bone fractures although Takeda proclaimed it to be prefect treatment for debilitating disease. Up to now, Actos has never been recalled although FDA keeps a close watch on progress of numerous studies into the risk of the drug.

Filing Actos Class Action Lawsuit

After conclusive links between Actos, congestive heart failure, bladder cancer and other debilitating diseases, dozens of patients introduced lawsuits against Takeda. They allege that they were not provided with proper warning about the risks of using Actos. The plaintiffs argue that  they are frightened about bladder cancer in future.  Many turned to court system is to seek compensation for injuries, enormous pain, suffering and ongoing medical bills.

Actos multidistrict litigation (MDL)

Legal analysts estimate that there might be up to 10,000 court complaints against Takeda and Actos. The judges presiding over the cases are keen to move them quickly.  So far there are thousands of patients who have been joined together in a Louisiana federal court multidistrict litigation (MDL).

An MDL streamlines and centralizes the discovery process. However it is different from class action where an in individual sues a group of persons, a group sues another or a group sues one person. MDL allows the cases to be heard separately. There are other groups of cases consolidated into mass torts at Illinois and California.

In medical product liability such as the case against Takeda, plaintiffs seek monetary compensation in form of compensatory damages. This is money awarded to replace what plaintiffs lose due to injury. Punitive damages which are monetary amount to punish the defendant can also be awarded.

The plaintiffs against Takeda opted to join MDL or Mass Tort for power of numbers. The difference between the two is that MDL takes place in federal courts and mass tort in state court. Legal procedures allow plaintiffs with similar questions to consolidate under one judge who handles pretrial discovery and other proceedings.  This alternative allows consistency and saves time. In both cases, plaintiffs retain their individual lawsuits and lawyers as each case is heard separately.

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