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People are Always Asking You for Advice

How many times over the years have family, friends or colleagues come to you asking your advice on something you know well? You answered enthusiastically every time kind of proud to be their trusted go-to person.

It’s alright to be generous and freely share what you know. But, information is power and that information you have is going to waste if at some point in time more people don’t know that you know what you know. You are a resource. If your family, friends and colleagues are seeking you out, others will too.

It is important to take stock of that golden nugget called knowledge and recognize when what YOU know has  value that can help others AND pay you back.

Why not bring happiness to everyone involved by making the great knowledge you’ve been sharing with a selective few for free conveniently available to the many for a fee and  create profit for you in a book you write and publish yourself.

With the rapid growth of online publishing tools, anybody with a computer can publish a book these days. Unfortunately, judging by the stunning volume of very bad work flooding the print-on-demand and e-reader marketplace, anybody is doing just that.

But just because you can do it yourself does not mean you have to publish recklessly and settle for being a hack. Good writing takes good, hard work. I wrote 12 STEPS TO SELF-PUBLISHING SUCCESS to drive home the point and provide help.

Learn how to write and publish a book done well and make it a stand out and memorable for the right reasons. Get the right tools. Get 12 STEPS TO SELF-PUBLISHING SUCCESS. 

AND THERE’S MORE!  No, they’re not Ginzu knives but they are the sharpest editorial tools in the box you can get!

EDITORIAL SERVICES at allegrabennett.com !

Got writer’s block, or a manuscript of fiction or non-fiction that has you stuck? Take advantage of the range of professional editorial services offered here and let me help you keep it moving. Just complete the contact form to reach me.

Meanwhile, check out the blog and videos and find writing tips, contests, interviews with great writers who share their writing secrets, and more. We are a work in progress so look forward to things getting betterer* and betterer*. (*Taking literary license)

Welcome to a writing community created with you in mind. – Allegra



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