Ice cream, cookies, strudels, and poodles: veggie lessons in finding happiness

Veggie Tales: Duke and the Great Pie War

Ever have a day when everything just seems to go wrong? You know, the Monday morning when you are late for a meeting, your daughter is clingy and whiny, no coffee filters are left in the pot, and when you finally get to McDonald’s for a sweet tea it tastes like the pot hasn’t been changed in weeks. Argh!!  Sometimes it is so easy to let circumstances dictate emotional responses. But never fear – Larry is here! (Veggie Tales has the answer for everything!)

Okay -so perhaps Larry the Cucumber isn’t your typical hero, but he sure knows what it means to be happy.  Just listen to him singing the blues in  Duke and the Great Pie War! (Not the best video, but the only one I could find on YouTube.)

Ok – you say, what’s the point of this silly song?  Well, it was quite probably just for fun, but I can’t help but notice the following important points.

Happiness Isn’t Found in “Stuff”

Sure, Larry is singing about the things he loves and how happy they make him, but his happiness is something he carries with him.  No matter what item is taken away from him, his joy is only dampened for a moment before he has moved on to something else.

Happiness Is About Being Grateful

This is reminiscent of the lessons in Madame Blueberry, an early Veggie Tales video about a Blueberry who learns that things can’t make her happy – “A happy heart is a thankful heart.”  You see, in Larry’s “blues”, he is singing his gratefulness for the things life has brought him.  That is why with each item he loses, he simply switches his thankfulness-focus to a new item.

Happiness Will Find an Outlet

I find it fascinating that Larry couldn’t sing the blues even after he is taught how.  This is because his happiness is just bubbling over, and it has to come out somewhere!  I love that he found the more appropriate outlet of polka at the end of the video.

Ok, so perhaps none of this is particularly profound, but it strikes me every time my daughter and I watch this particular Veggie Tales video.  Sure, I will continue to have days when every little thing just goes wrong, when I can’t find my phone or I forget to ask Wendy’s to leave the mayo off of my brother’s spicy chicken sandwich.  And I will quite naturally feel bad for a short time.

But my happiness is not dependent upon those things; my joy comes from within – from the joy of knowing my heavenly Father and from gratefulness in the blessings I have received.  And I pray that others will also say of me like Mr. Lemon said of Larry, “Man, you’re just too happy to sing the blues.”

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