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Your care at Bhavana is in a hospital dedicated to addiction treatment and rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction. It is a seamless, integrated process of medically managed detoxification, residential treatment, focused specialty programs and extended care so you can break your addiction and start on your road to rehabilitation and a life in recovery.

We commit to your recovery. Our staff of psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists will work with you to locate the source of the problem and create a tailored treatment plan that will set in motion your lifelong recovery.

Bhavana’s addiction treatment program involves more than expert clinical care. We take a holistic approach to the healing process and engage your mind, body and soul by blending western traditional medicine with non-traditional complementary practices such as yoga, acupuncture and therapeutic massage.

Opening yourself to recovery activities such as cooking, art therapy, challenge events, and gardening can be transformative and are part of the Bhavana addiction treatment and rehabilitation program.

Start your recovery today.

Call us or send an email. Ask a family member or friend to call. Or have your doctor or therapist call, if you have one. A Bhavana admissions coordinator will talk to you and give you all the information you need to start you on your way.

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