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Is it bad for Christians to hang out with Non-Christians?

There is a metaphor that says, “A rotten apple spoils the whole bunch.” I’ve always had a problem with this metaphor though. Yes, it is applicable in some areas, but it is NOT a fact.

If you take a flashlight, and shine it in a well lit room, it has very little if any affect on the room. If you turn all of the lights in that same room out, and it is completely dark, and then turn on the exact same flashlight, does the light make a difference? It’s the same flashlight, in the same room. So why is the flashlight that seemed worthless in the light, suddely strong? The light overcomes the dark. Anyone knows that light is stronger than darkness. If christians are around like-minded Christians, the light they give off is often hard to see. If christians are around non-christians however, the light of God within them can be seen easily.

Matthew 5:16 says that we are to let our light shine before men. it doesn’t say SOME men. It says men. I for one take this to mean ALL men. It’s easy to be good around Christian friends…but it isn’t quite as easy around our non-Christian friends. If we can not shine before ALL men, then do we truly shine before Christians? Matthew 6:24 says that no man can serve two masters. When we make the decision to follow Christ, it’s an all-or-nothing decision. A lot of Christians like to sit on the fence when it comes to letting their light shine, but the only thing that will get us is splinters.

Sometimes we have a hard time letting our light shine around our non-christian friends. Is it wrong that we are friends with Non-christians? Absolutely not. Is it wrong for us to hide our light when around our non-christian friends? ABSOLUTELY. If we are incapable of letting our light be seen around our friends, can we be trusted by God to let it show before the whole world?

Are you the kind of Christian that tries to hide their light[Luke 8:16]? Or are you a city on a hill[Matthew 5:14]? Can God trust you to shine when you are with your friends, AND with your enemies? Or are you the kind of christian that only shines when it is ‘convenient’?

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