Chi upsilon sigma – 2012 national convention

Goal Setting Strategies for SUCCESS!
Presented by: Lisa L. Heintzelman, M.Ed.

Goal setting is the spark to your fire, your purpose and passion, the key to greater achievements, greater effectiveness, and greater satisfaction within your life. In addition to having the opportunity to explore goal setting and achieving strategies, participants will develop a WHYSMART personal or professional goal and engage with an accountability partner. Successful people determine why and where they are going and develop specific plans and action steps to get there while maximizing their potential. Choose to invest your time and energy in goal setting so you can travel your life journey with vitality and confidence while achieving your dreams!

GUTSY Women Leaders: Dare, Care, and Share
Presented by: Sylvia Lafair, PhD. ~ Creative Energy Options, Inc.

We women have an advantage when it comes to knowing how to care. Blame it on what happens when we are stressed. So while we are good at caring, we need to even the playing field with daring. This workshop offers the newest and most relevant information about gender and how women can take advantage of knowing the most effective ways to lead in these changing times. This is often called the time of the parentheses (the old ways no longer work and the new ways are just being created). Based on her newest book “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change”, award winning author and leadership expert, Dr. Sylvia Lafair will walk with women who are leaders and emerging leaders to look at the behavior patterns that lead to success.

Healthy You; Healthy Family
Presented by: Haydee Perez-Livingston

Healthy Living is not a dirty word! Using national standards of health and wellness, attendees will learn quick and easy steps in creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Understanding the “ingredients” to healthy living is the first step in ensuring you and your family are on the right track to a long, healthy life. Learn how to build a healthy plate, increase physical activity, include essential vitamins and read food labels. Additionally, each attendee will receive a free toolkit to get started.

Its Your Government, Make It Work For YOU
Presented by: Marissa Merrick, Esq.

Have you ever wondered how you can make an impact on the government? We CAN make our voices heard and make a difference in our communities by taking part in the lawmaking process. Navigating this process may seem intimidating but it need not be an overwhelming prospect. Through this workshop, participants will learn the basics of the law making process and community organization, including how to: stay abreast of topical issues, identify key players, track and research bills, garner constituent support through grassroots methods and media outlets, and effectively communicate with policymakers. This workshop will provide simple, practical ways for individuals/organizations to advocate for change on a state and national level.

Mirror, Mirror
Presented by: Rasheed Ali Cromwell, Esq. ~ Executive Director of The Harbor Institute

Who are you? Leadership begins with this simple question. Yet, time and time again, individuals try to lead their chapters before they can successfully lead themselves.

This powerful, engaging, and interactive workshop delves deep by exploring basic core values. This exploration has a special sensitivity to different minority cultural customs and traditions, and reinforces understanding and respect among your chapter and the national office. This presentation also focuses on several key areas in personal development by revaluating purpose, conviction, citizenship, congruence and its relationship to an individual’s true identity. This examination will renew a commitment to better serve your families, chapter, campus and most of all yourself.

We the Latinas: Keys to Achieving Success
Presented by: Dr. Silvia Mazzula & Dr. Cynthia Guzman

The proposed discussion will discuss the underrepresentation of Latinas in professionally advanced fields. Exploring Guzman’s (2009) framework of Marianismo, which focuses on the role of Latinas as servant leaders, we will learn how Latinas are armed with the skills to advance in the world of work. Besides discussing the experiences of Latinas in the workforce, we will also discuss how we can ensure Latina women are successful in navigating barriers to professional advancement.

Women and Investing
Presented by: Jonathan Wilt & Greg Mikolajczak

This section will touch on Women and Investing. It will also discuss how women can take control to become financially successful. Topics to be discussed are Basics of Investing, College Funding, Budgeting, Managing Debt and Credit, and Saving for Retirement.

Words Matter – Branding Yourself Online & Offline
Presented by: Jesus Diaz Jr.

As V.P. of University Operations at Bloomberg Ventures, I review on average 100 college student resumes a week. Very few stand out. Even fewer encourage me to reach out. Getting into the 10th percentile of candidates that do it 100% right is tough. This workshop is all about your brand and how your words craft your persona to potential employers. Going beyond the traditional offline component, we’ll cover the most powerful social network that most college students are not using, LinkedIn. The most useless career-wise is Facebook. Come to this workshop to understand how your words matter when branding yourself. What key factors are important to resume reviewers? What would make you stand out?

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