Lisa A. Hohenstein
Key Account Manager-Southeast

You don’t have to worry about a single detail when you work with Kavanagh Marketing Services. They do not skip a beat. They watched my project from beginning to end and communicated with me every step of the way. The racks were high quality too. If only all my vendors could be as responsive and on top of their game like Kavanagh Marketing Services.

Todd McGowan
Owner at McGowan Crain LLC, TMAX LLC, Black Mamba Ritualistic Spiced Rum

What can I say about Jack? A lot actually and it’s all good. I’ve known and worked with him for over 15 years. His background is impressive, working in the soft drink space, marketing, printing and procurement. But my personal experience with Jack has been in the marketing of adult beverages, specifically Black Velvet Canadian Whisky. He was charged with the brand way after its zenith. The brand needed serious help. But when Jack was given the reigns, over 20 years after its hay day, he stepped up to the plate with authority and experience. He hired my company and with his guidance we turned the brand from a very tired price value spirit to the second biggest player in the Canadian Whisky space. And we did it in a little less than five years. Jack has moved on and is doing his own thing now, as he should. But, to this day I know I can count on Jack’s insights and experience to help me when I need it.

Jack is a smart, knowledgeable marketer and I highly recommend him if you need guidance in anything from procurement to brand building

Ed Gualtieri
Former Executive Vice President / Marketing at Constellation Spirits, Inc.

I highly recommend Jack as an experienced, thoughtful and proactive manager of Marketing Services. Jack worked for me for over 12 years as Vice President of Marketing Services at Constellation Brands and I came to rely on him and his experience in guiding & managing our marketing budgets and vendors. He takes a personal interest in his work and demonstrates total commitment to getting the job done right and on time.

Jim Farrell
Vice President & COO Beverage Merchandising, Inc.

KMS assisted Beverage Merchandising, Inc. at a critical time when we were assimilating a variety of business services into our operations. KMS was an essential part of that process. They were a major contributor to making a seamless transition for our clients and partners. We look forward to working with KMS again when the right projects present themselves.

Mike Mikenas
Director of National Accounts at A. Hardy USA Ltd.

I have worked with Jack in two capacities over the past several years. Jack & I worked together at Constellation Spirits for 13 years and over the past couple of years I have had dealings with Jack regarding various marketing & promotional initiatives.
Jack has been great to work with in both capacities.
Jack has always delivered on what he has promised in a timely manner.
He has also offered any additional assistance above and beyond the norm.
Jack has always proven to be a team player in working thru projects and promotions.
He has great expertise in the marketing services arena and has been great at finding solutions that work within the confines of any budget.
His vast overall marketing service experiences have proven to offer him widespread knowledge.

Tyna Wells Todd
Senior Sales Executive at Custom Images, Inc.

Jack has been a client of mine for 18 years. Because he is meticulous,  detail oriented, and cost conscious, he knows how to find the best ideas  and solutions for his clients. I have so enjoyed working with him for his  knowledge, skills and professionalism. Highest Recommendation!!!!!

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