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Tuesday March 13, 2007

My parents are moving to Boise, so anything Boise related is currently on my radar. Yesterday I saw an ad for River City Bagels, in Boise, and I just had to blog about it.

Apparently this ad ran in the Boise Weekly and everyone involved is claiming it was an oversight. An article on NewWest.net goes into more detail.

Not only did I read this article on NewWest, I received an email forward from a friend with the ad. Mistake or not, this little bagel company is getting some publicity. Good or bad- their name is out there. I did a Google search with their name and found a lot of people talking.

I don’t think this is an appropriate way to do your advertising, but I do give them props for thinking outside-the-box. Maybe next time they will proofread their ads before they go to the printers.

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I know this sounds disturbing. Probably even more inappropriate, maybe we can chalk it up to an oversite, but “thinking out the box”. The V-Word. Maybe more like “thinking of the box.” Just wanted to say hi to you all. Also was wondering if you like the random “Next Blog” on the top navigation bar. I took it off my blogspot, so students are not tempted. And will take it off theirs when they start blogging next week. If you need help, let me know. T. Story

— Thomas S · Aug 31, 10:45 AM · Link to this comment

You’re pretty funny. The “Next Blog” hasn’t really bothered us, but if you want us to remove it let us know. What is your blog? We would all love to start reading your blog over here.

— Nicci B · Aug 31, 10:46 AM · Link to this comment

After spending 10 plus years in advertising, I don’t there was any oversight in publishing that ad. Really O/C, how many people look at those ads before they hit the press? I think this is truly a case of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” or would that be pubicity?

— Anonymous · Aug 31, 10:48 AM · Link to this comment

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