Kung fu program – plum blossom traditional kung fu academy

  • Emotional Control
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Mental Endurance
  • Self-Defense
  • Awareness
  • Health & Fitness
  • Coordination

   The classes in our Kung Fu program adhere to traditional training regimens, as well as modern day approaches to training, in order to make you a solid martial artist. These methods include – strengthening and conditioning, application work (practicing the martial techniques), fight theory and sparring, forms training, hand-to-hand fighting/self-defense, and weapon fighting. Each level of the program molds you to a specific standard in order to advance your skills and abilities to a higher level.

What will my training consist of?

When you begin you will go through an 8 week basic training course to teach you striking, stances, footwork, and the proper technique of each so you may avoid injury and bad habits in your training. Upon completion of this course you will be joining the Level 1 Beginner class.

In this portion of your training you will work on coordination, stengthening, and conditioning while continuing to build on your basics. This level includes striking, blocking, footwork, partner drills, pad work, and tumbling.

   As you progress to the intermediate level, you will learn through experience by interacting more with partners. You now have access to the Fighting, Chin Na, and Weapon classes. Conditioning is still a major aspect of training at this level and you are now introduced to kicking and advanced footwork.

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Below are a series of links explaining more about our curriculum/program:

Locking (Chin Na)

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