Gmi loss mitigation service

This type of transaction is a win-win situation for all parties. By doing a short sale, or a voluntary transfer of title;

The lender experiences savings on average of 5,000.  

Homeowners can avoid getting negative reporting on their credit file that could prevent them from owning another home.

Real Estate Agents get more sales opportunities for investors. We provide the best Loss Mitigation and negotiation services in the nation.

Once you have determined that this case is worth your time and money, submit your complete case documents to GMI and go find your next deal. Our Agents will begin mitigation activity with the lenders and lien holders with hope to get each case closed at an agreeable price. We pay our negotiators incentives and commissions based solely on the success of your case.

It’s simple (No success = No commission)

Your assigned agent will contact you personally when your completed package is received in our office to review the details of the case. Weekly updates are provided on an on-going basis. Unfortunately our negotiation process requires more time spent with the lenders, therefore, we encourage you to take full advantage of your scheduled teleconference with your agent.

Upon the receipt of the approval documents, GMI will forward them to the closing attorney/title company with closing instructions. All fees are due upon receipt of the approval letters from the lenders. Fees are not billed unless the case is complete. GMI will not charge our members for incomplete cases.Thank you for your interest! GET STARTED

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