Adding high fibrous food into your daily diet

Everybody consumes different types of food daily as an eating practice, but one should very well know that our diet should be enriched with adequate fiber. Fiber consists of two basic types, one of which is soluble and the other insoluble.

Each fiber can be distinguished with their characteristics, that in as much as how they get absorbed in the digestive system of the individual, to improve their life style and health. An intestinal tract is present in the digestive system of every individual, which dissolves the fiber getting into it with the help of the water.

This forms into a gel almost like glue, as a result of a biological action taking place in the intestine. This substance helps excellent digestion by controlling the speed of evacuation of the abdomen and also by softening the stools. The problems of constipation and indigestion can be greatly controlled by the intake of fiber- rich food items.

Another great benefit derived from fiber contents is that they help reduce cholesterol levels in the body and distributes adequate quantity of insulin to facilitate generation of blood sugar essential for the body.

Now let us examine the functions and characteristics of insoluble fiber in the body. Our digestive system also consists of a gastrointestinal tract. The food containing fiber of insoluble nature acts as an effective natural laxative. The insoluble fibers are capable of retaining water and pushing out the waste at an increased speed through the intestine.

This biological action reduces the period of blocking of cancerous components present in the stool that get in touch with the linings in the bowel and thus minimizes the risks of colon cancer. Another great advantage is that the fiber rich food containing insoluble fibers also prevents the chances of hemorrhoids and paves the way for softening the stools.

The fiber portions of all plant foods are indigestible by nature. Hence one may wonder why such fiber rich food items are necessary for the body at all. The point to emphasize here is that though the digestive system of the body never absorbs the fiber as such, they move out in undigested state as the excretion process of the bowel.

Many people still entertain a wrong notion and eat a lot of food without incorporating enough quantity of fiber. This can create several maladies in the human body. Some serious health problems like persistent digestive complications, gall stones, high cholesterol, heart diseases, morbid obesity, abdominal stress, hemorrhoids and even cancer of the colon may develop if our diet lacks enough fiber contents over a long period.

Though there are many medical remedies in this modern age to fight such body ills, it is the fiber that acts as a natural antidote against such maladies. In the context of the above narration emphasizing the importance of fiber in diets, it is now to analyze which is the food items containing large quantity of fiber.

Fiber contents are abundantly present in all bran cereals, potatoes baked with skin, whole meal brown bread, vegetables like cabbages, beans, carrots and spinach, sweet corn and a variety of fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges and peas to mention a few.

Fiber- rich food also helps the individuals who try to keep the body fit, without gaining excess weight. The insoluble fiber is indigestible and it creates a feeling of fullness and hence excess consumption is naturally controlled. As for soluble fiber, the advantage is that the body burns the excess calories at its digestion stage itself.

In short, eating of fiber rich foods bring in multiple benefits such as proper bowel control, prevention of excess weight, defense of colon cancer and benefits a lot for overall well being of an individual.

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