Eagle i professional white balance tool neutralizes the light for an extremely accurate white balance, effectively converts a digital camera’s reflected light meter to an incident light meter.

Want to know how to get your light right indoors and outdoors? The Eagle eye was developed by a working commercial photographer. This device takes the guesswork out of digital photography. The color and exposure of your photographs will be incredible, straight out of your camera. This is hands down the simplest and surest white balance/exposure device you will use.

Using technology based around modern lens design and the exposure characteristics of digital camera sensors, the Eagle i gives you a neutral, (correct), white balance in your camera, ensuring accurate colors, along with an incident light exposure reading which is much easier and accurate than your in camera reflected light reading.

An incident light meter reads the light falling on a subject or scene, not the light reflected off it, which can throw an in camera meter way off. Professional photographers have used hand held incident meters for years to get the most consistent and usable exposures in the studio and on location. They also read off 18% gray cards to get rich and true colors in the camera. The Eagle i does both, at the same time, at a fraction of the cost of an incident meter and gray card.

Professional photographers know the importance of creating a custom white balance and using a manual exposure to nail a scene. These are the two most important steps in making a correct exposure. The Eagle Eye combines both steps into one, and is extremely easy to use.
It works whatever your workflow, raw, tiff, jpg, whatever your camera brand, canon, nikon, sony, pentax, it does it all.

There are usually two reactions from first time users, “is that all you do”? and “Wow, what a difference”. Complete instructions are included and are very easy to follow. You will be making absolutely incredible exposures, with absolutely incredible colors, within minutes of opening your new Eagle i , guaranteed.

What Makes The Eagle i Different?

The Eagle i uses a patent pending system of;

 An absolute neutral precise grid pattern designed and tested to accurately read the existing light, in a wide variety of intensities.
A diffused “bulb” shaped covering to read the light from 360 degrees, encompassing every angle of your subject.
A light tight attachment collar that fits all your lenses up to 77 mm, and also completely blocks extraneous light from leaking in the side, polluting the cameras reading.   The collar is attached in 2 seconds, and removed in 1.                                    

It then converts the collected light to information your digital sensor needs to provide a correct kelvin temperature reading, thus insuring the most accurate, and purest colors possible.

 It also provides the correct light transmission for your camera’s reflected light meter to set your exposure with, without being influenced by bright or dark areas of the scene. It effectively allows your camera to give you a more correct incident light reading, instead of the easily fooled reflected light reading it was designed to give.

The unique design of the Eagle Eye has one more distinct advantage over the competition. It allows you to set a white balance for your on camera flash!  That’s just not possible with flat disks.

These 3 patent pending components didn’t happen by accident. This is science. Months of design, testing, re-design, and re-testing by commercial photographers working with engineers, portrait photographers, commercial photographers, jewelry photographers, and students in photography classrooms, made this revolutionary product possible. It has been used under just about every imaginable light situation, weather situation, studio situation, and comes out shining every time.

We are so confident in the capabilities of this device that we will give you 31 days to try it out. If it does not give you better color straight out of your camera, simply return it for a full refund, minus shipping and handling.

$79 for black, zebra, or leopard

Click HERE to order your Eagle i.

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