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Bride’s Guide to Wedding Planning Membership Club is designed to help
brides in the process of planning their wedding. Whether you are just
looking for some advice or a wedding planner, this club is for you.


In addition to our blog
and free resources on our site, we also offer 6 levels of membership to
assist you in any way you need up to the level of assistance you

We treat all of our brides as if she was our sister and give
her the personal attention she desires.



The First 3 Memberships
are dedicated to Brides who want more information, tools and advice
without too much of a commitment.



The Second 3 Memberships
are for those Brides who want more involvement, more personal attention
and as much guidance as she wants.

These plans also include 1 on 1 live
and private coaching calls with me personally where you will get the
opportunity to ask me anything you want!





This is the first level of membership
for the girl who enjoys the process of planning and projects.


The benefits of The
Pearl include:

An interactive Excel Spreadsheet that will help to
keep you organized. It includes Invited Guests, plus one’s, R.S.V.P.’s,
Meal Selection, Gifts received, addresses, Bridal Party and their
Responsibilities, Budget, To Do List, Time-line and much more!

A Subscription to the
Tip of the Day. These include tricks, money saving, projects, stress
reducers, romantic ideas and other bits of insight to propel you through
the wedding planning process.

A Subscription to my
weekly e-zine. This include even more ideas and in depth guides.

Access to the Q&A
page. This is where bride’s submit questions and I answer them in as
much detail as possible. This link is only given out to my Club Members.

Monthly webinar with
me. Once a month you will have access to my special topics and
discussions where I expose my secrets for flawless weddings and insider

A monthly discount code for my sister site Lussuria
Lingerie. Each month I divulge a secret code that will give you
discounts and free gifts from the ultra sexy site.


For more details or to sign up click here !





The Opal is the second level. It includes the same
perks as The Pearl but also includes more assistance and information.

In addition you will

The comprehensive Wedding Etiquette e-book filled
with the little details and the big issues that come up in wedding

Monthly 1 on 1 Email Coaching with me. You will get a
chance to write down your questions, ideas or anything you can think of
to ask me and send me an email that I will respond to in as much detail
as possible.

You will also receive a guide to Wedding Vows and
Toasts. This is a huge time saver!


For more details or
to sign up click here!





 The third level gives you even more tools to have a
smooth wedding day. In addition to receiving all of the benefits of The
Opal, you will also receive:


A total of 3 Monthly 1
on 1 Coaching emails with me


Additional Planning
Software including seating chart software. This eliminates the need for
cut out tables and drawing your own floor plans.


Templates for designing
your Invitations, Menu Cards and Programs

As a special Bonus, I
am also including for a short time FREE wedding website templates. You
can easily design your own information filled wedding website where you
can put everything you want your guests to know including local
resources for out of town guests, directions, itineraries, contact
information and the Biggie-Your Registry Information! This is the ONLY
acceptable place to advertise your registry in writing!


For more details or
to sign up click here!





In addition to the incredible offerings of the
Sapphire, you will also have the benefit of 1 on 1 coaching with me!
This plan includes:


A total of 5 Monthly 1 on 1 Coaching
Emails with me


97 Steps to a Stronger Relationship e-book


2 Live 1 on 1 Coaching
Calls with me per month (30 minutes each or cumulative per month)

It’s like having me
right there for you!


As a special Bonus you will also receive
a luxurious gift from Lussuria Lingerie.


And as Another Bonus,
you will receive a Personalized Bridal Binder Organizer mailed to your
door to help keep you on track. It includes the Excel lists and a
Reference List for supplies and resources. It also includes lists of
ideas for your bathroom baskets, guest gift/welcome baskets, emergency
kit, pre-wedding party ideas and more.


And as A third Bonus, I
am including all of the links and information you will need to get your
marriage license, name change kit and requirements for the state in
which you are to be wed.


For more details or
to sign up click here!




In the fifth level, you receive all of the benefits
and bonuses of The Ruby plus:


A total of 10 Monthly
Coaching Emails with me


And a Weekly Coaching Call with me! (30
minutes each or cumulative per month)


You will have your own
Wedding Planner Every Week there to guide you!


As a bonus you will
also receive 2 luxurious gifts from Lussuria Lingerie!

As Another bonus you
will receive the Exquisite Events Bridal Bag! In this adorable and
spacious “Bride” Tote bag you find special gifts and Bridal needs for
the day of and honeymoon!

For more details or
to sign up click here!




The Sixth and Highest Level is the Ultimate of all
of my plans. This is for the Bride who desires a much more involved
planner. You will receive the elements of all of the other plans plus
you are upgraded to:


Unlimited Emails with me


2 Calls a week or up to
5 hours a month for 1 on 1 Coaching


The Ultimate Day-Of
Emergency Kit! This kit includes all of the little things you will need
on your day from nail files to stain remover.


For more details or
to sign up click here!


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