How To Incorporate More "green" Into Your Diet

While the term “living green” is synonymous with being eco-friendly it also describes the kind of food we should all be eating more of for improved health.

This isn’t news for most people. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that less than one-third of American adults eat the amount of fruits and vegetables the government recommends. What makes this even more troubling is the fact one of the leading killers of Americans is colon cancer. According to the American Institute of Cancer Research up to 75% of cases of colon cancer could be prevented by diet. One of the best ways to arm ourselves in the fight against cancer, especially colorectal cancer, is to eat foods rich in folic acid and fiber. Green leafy vegetables fit the bill for this requirement.

The challenge for many people is to identify enough vegetable varieties and come up with enough recipes that will be tasty and satisfying. Some great leafy vegetables include spinach, turnip greens, beet greens, kale, collard greens and lettuces (Romaine, Boston, Arugula and many other tasty varieties).

For those of you looking for some interesting and tasty meal suggestions for inspiration consider the following less known varieties and food preparation ideas.

Kale is a beautiful leafy vegetable that is from the same family of vegetables as cabbage, collards and Brussels sprouts. It has a pungent flavor that is great eaten on its own or mixed with other vegetables. Raw kale is delicious with a bit of olive oil, red wine vinegar and freshly ground pepper.

If you’re not from the south then you may not be as familiar with collard greens. Just ask for insight on this vegetable from someone who knows about it and you’ll likely get an enthusiastic response. Collard greens have a unique smoky flavor that comes alive when lightly steamed with olive oil, onion, garlic and lemon and served as part of a main dish.

Much more familiar to most people is spinach. Raw spinach is a nutritional superstar! It’s got twice as much fiber as other greens and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. To make your spinach a little more interesting add your favorite healthy dressing. Consider mixing together olive oil, Dijon mustard, sea salt, ground pepper, lemon juice and pressed garlic to make your own delicious Cesar dressing. It will provide one of the tastiest toppings for your spinach salad. Sprinkle in any of your favorite vegetables like red peppers or even mix in flavorful lettuce like Arugula and you’ve got a delicious meal.

Since the Dijon mustard in your spinach Cesar salad will provide tremendous flavor why not look to the plant from which mustard originates. Mustard greens are very tasty and have an interesting peppery flavor. It’s no wonder their seeds have such a kick to them! Mustard seeds are of course used to make delicious Dijon mustard. To add this tasty element to your own recipes simply sauté mustard seeds and sprinkle then on casseroles, pasta salad and even sweet potatoes. The sharp flavor will add an interesting bite to your meal.

Exercise and Natural Foods Slow Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer has been increasing enormously these days, with older men now even young men are affected with prostate cancer as a result of various environmental conditions and increased level of pollutants and many more reasons. Most of the time prostate cancer is slowly growing, but goes unnoticed during the early stages. As the size of the tumor increases one could find the symptoms associated with the disease. The life of the patient can be prolonged if detected at an early stage.

Obesity is also to be considered as an increased risk factor for men who have a higher value of BMI (Body Mass Index) and can be affected easily with prostate cancer. Also it has been found that men who are obese had larger tumors on the prostate than the other men. Exercise is an effective tool to drive out obesity and excess fats from the body. Obese men with prostate cancer have to undergo risky treatment methods which have an increased risk of death. Many physicians will avoid practicing treatment on obese men, due to their condition, in fear of losing the patient.

Exercise can help to slow down, as well as, help men to avoid prostate cancer. Based upon research, there are evidences that prostate cancer can be healed or slowed with regular exercise. Exercising daily increases the immunity of the body, the overall immunity helps to eliminate and avoid prostate cancer in males. Also older men with poor immunity levels are easily prone to prostate cancer.

Food also plays an important role in slowing the cancer of the prostate gland. Men who take foods rich in cholesterol and animal fats are more affected by prostate cancer. Regular intake of foods rich in cholesterol will stimulate the abnormal cells and lead to prostate cancer over the course of time. Avoiding these foods paves the way to lead a normal and healthy life free from prostate cancer.

Fruits such as apple, grapes, orange, strawberry etc are highly packed with vitamins and antioxidants which also help to remove toxins from the body. Antioxidants play a vital role in supporting a healthy immune system which has the ability to fight and perhaps eliminate the cancer from the prostate gland. Nuts which are rich in selenium and omega 3 fatty acids can also play a vital role to help the body slow down and possibly even eliminate the prostate cancer cells.

As ‘Prevention is better than cure’ it is wise to take natural methods of prevention and avoid prostate cancer. By regular exercising and taking nutritional food you can slow down or cure the prostate cancer.

Breast Cancer Information – What You Should Know!

Breast cancer is known to be a disease that can affect women and sometimes men in rare cases. Most people are unaware of this disease and hence, unable to treat it timely. Breast cancer can occur at any age.

It is important to know about this disease if you want to be detected on time and save yourself from a lot of health and emotional problems it brings along with.

Here are some important things regarding this disease. Read and understand the information for your own health benefits.

A) The part affected

In case of a breast cancer, the malignant cancer develops inside the cells that provide lining to the ducts. This can also be referred to as a ductal breast cancer. Most of the time, cancerous cells tend to develop inside the lobules. This can be referred to a type of lobular breast cancer. The cancer can also develop in other tissues of the breast.

B) Risk factors

There are several risk factors for development of breast cancer. Here are some of these:

a) Woman

Being a woman is the biggest risk factor.

b) Early periods

Some women tend to get their period prior to the age of 12. This increases the chances of developing breast cancer.

c) Family history

This plays an important role. Doctors usually consider sisters, mothers and daughters when analyzing family history for breast cancer detection. In case, anyone in your family gets diagnosed, it puts you at greater risk.

d) Alcohol

If you are taking more than about two alcoholic beverages on a daily basis, you are at risk.

e) Diet with excess fats

Make sure that you don’t have a diet that consists of high amounts of saturated fat. If you do, then there are more chances of carrying this disease. Try to avoid food that is too high in fat content. Also do not eat foods that contain poly unsaturated fat.

f) Late pregnancy

Pregnancies after the age of 26 are risky as far as development of breast cancer is concerned.

g) No pregnancy

Women who have never had pregnancy are also at risk of developing breast cancer.

h) Personal history

Women with personal history of breast cancer can also develop this cancer later in their life. Hence, regular breast check ups are necessary.

C Treatment options

There are several treatment options available for people with breast cancer. If detected at an early stage, this disease can be treated easily. There are some standard treatments for this disease. One is usually advised to go for a treatment clinical trial at first. It is a type of research where new treatments are found for this disease.

Other options include surgery such as lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, Total mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy and radical mastectomy

There are other alternative treatment options such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Make sure that you keep yourself updated with the latest and full information on breast cancer in order to get total relief from it.

Remember that early detection is the best treatment for this disease.

Battle of the Midsection

As women age they tend to pack on the pounds a little more easily than they did in their younger years. While this may not be an issue for all women, it can be very troubling for some. It can contribute to obesity and it can really effect a woman’s self-esteem as well as their health. This article will explore what health issues could be magnified because of belly fat. It will also give some insight as to how this can be controlled and possibly even decreased.

Most women do not understand just how important keeping the weight off can be in regards to their health. This really includes weight that tends to gather in their midsection. The weight that gathers in the belly area can cause an increase in the likelihood of developing heart disease. It may also contribute to an increase in breast cancer and diabetes as well. What may be the most shocking to some people is the fact that this type of fat can cause an increase in gallbladder problems as well as colorectal cancer.

When you learn some of these facts it can be frightening. These facts can be motivators for some woman to find a way to decrease the amount of belly fat that they are dealing with. However, most women will also tell you that this is a very hard place to focus on when they are attempting to decrease their weight. What you need to remember is that you will not drop the pounds over night. It also takes a lot of hard work but you will be glad that you did when you feel better and you know that you are healthier. Try following a few of the tips below in order to help you fight the battle.

Start exercising. You do not need to go all out and engage in really strenuous activities. You simply need to start a moderate exercise routine and you need to follow it through each and everyday. You will find that when you start exercising each day, your stomach is the first area that begins to decrease in size. This is definitely a great motivator to help keep you on the right track.

Think about strength training. Using different weights when you exercise may be very beneficial as you try to decrease you weight. You may want to speak to a professional about this first so that you fully understand which weights to use and how to use them effectively. You do not want to hurt yourself in any way.

A simple diet change can help put you on the right track as well. I am not talking about doing a full blown diet. We all know that these do not last for most people and any weight that you do lose will come back once you stop. You need to learn to eat better. This means decreasing the amount of white bread and pasta that you consume. You also need to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that you eat each day. All of these things are healthy for you whether you are trying to decrease your weight or not.

Non-surgical Breast Enhancement With Macrolane

Small-breasted women have always been given a hard time by men and women alike. They are thought of as less fertile, less sexy, and – worst of all – less feminine. This has led many to the plastic surgeon’s office, ready to put themselves through pain and a long recovery period, just to get that perfect hourglass figure… at least the top half.

Thanks to an ever-increasing demand for big breasts, scientists have now arrived at an implant solution which is much simpler, quicker and more painless than cosmetic surgery. This is called Macrolane.

Macrolane is a biodegradable gel that is injected into the breasts, with the amount of size increase depending on the amount of gel injected. The gel is very slowly degraded by the body, so effects last between a year and 18 months. This is also an excellent “trial treatment” for people wondering whether or not they would want surgical breast augmentation with the more permanent silicone breast implants. However, Macrolane implants can also be topped up for a cost much lower than the initial implant procedure.

The chemical Macrolane is a form of NASHA – Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid. Macrolane, unlike the other forms of NASHA, has a large particle size, which is why it has been chosen for treating large areas like the breast and buttocks.

Before a Macrolane procedure, it is necessary to present a clear mammogram to eliminate chances of breast cancer.

Treatment is extremely short in duration, and the procedure itself is very simple. Under local anaesthesia, a large needle is inserted, and a certain amount of the Macrolane gel injected into the breast. Every 100mL of the gel gives an increase of 1 cup size, so the total amount of fluid injected is decided accordingly. The procedure – for both breasts – takes 30 minutes.

After the procedure, the patient is required to wear a supportive bra day in and day out for one week, and to wear it all day long for another week. This helps to shape the Macrolane implant to a desirable shape, and to keep it that way. After this, life goes back to normal.

The most common candidates for Macrolane implants are small-breasted women, and women who have lost breast volume due to rapid weight fluctuations, age or breast-feeding. The Macrolane implants leave no scars whatsoever, not even the single vertical scar that is left by breast augmentation surgery.

Macrolane itself is usually used only in the breasts and buttocks, but the wider family of NASHAS is suitable for use all over the body. It is quickly being seen as a substitute for Botox, especially with the costs decreasing as the procedure becomes more and more popular. Whether for penile augmentation or the removal of fine lines on the face and neck, NASHAS are extremely effective, useful and simple to use.

While most people have not been blessed with naturally perfect bodies, it is heartening to know that doctors are rapidly finding ways to help us reach our physical ideals quickly and painlessly.

Physician Does Not Tell Patient About Abnormal Prostate Cancer Tests For Three Years

When people call lawyers about a cancer lawsuit, they virtually always want to begin by speaking about what the physician did wrong. When considering whether to take on a lawsuit, however, this is simply one of the issues that lawyers factor in. There are two additional factors that attorneys take into account. First, did the doctor’s error cause harm to the plaintiff. Second, is the injury enough that it justifies the economics of taking on the lawsuit.

It is frequently easy to establish if a doctor had information, in the form of a heigh PSA test result or an abnormal digital examination, suspicious for the possibility of prostate cancer. It is additionally usually fairly easy to figure out the amount of delay caused by the doctor’s mistake. The delay is normally the time that passed between when the patient was diagnosed and when the physician first had the information regarding the abnormal PSA or digital examination results.

What might be more challenging to calculate is the extent of the injury to the individual. Except if the PSA surpasses at least a 10.0 (anything over a 4.0 is thought to be elevated) or a bone scan discloses sign of metastasis, even if the cancer has a high Gleason score, the majority of doctors would acknowledge that it is impossible to figure out the stage of the cancer without doing surgery. The examination of the specimens gathered in the course of the surgery determines if the cancer had already spread beyond the prostate. Even with a PSA higher than a 10.0 it is still possible that the cancer has not penetrated outside the prostate and that surgery can eliminate the cancer.

In one published case, a fifty two year old patient had his PSA taken by his physician The lab reported that the PSA level was normal. The patient’s PSA level was retested by the same physician two years after that. This time, though, the result showed that his PSA level had reached a 4.2. Not only is this level normally regarded as elevated (as discussed in medical textbooks and papers) but the lab that examined the blood sample in fact marked the result as high in its report to the doctor. The physician followed the patient 4 times over the next 2 . 5 years but did not tell the patient of the abnormal test result or doing a follow-up PSA test. It was over 3 years after the abnormal test result that the physician eventually performed a follow-up PSA test. Now the results showed a PSA level of 5.25. The PSA level had gone up.

This was the first time the physician informed the patient about the previously elevated level. Once these results came in, the physician sent the man to a urologist. The urologist performed a biopsy which disclosed that he had cancer. Surgery disclosed that the cancer had already spread to the seminal vesicles and there was evidence of vascular as well as perineal invasion. Seeing as the cancer had by then started spreading beyond the prostate, the surgery lowered his PSA level but was not able to eliminate all the cancer. The man thus underwent hormone therapy. His PSA levels then began to climb post-operatively. This suggests a poor prognosis so that it is unlikely that the patient will survive 5 years after the surgery.

The law firm that handled this matter published that the medical malpractice lawsuit settled in the amout of $ 550,000 The patient was 60 years old when the case settled The settlement agreement left the chance of a wrongful death lawsuit if the man does not live to the relevant statute of limitations.

As this claim shows, the nature of the harm to the patient was not known until the results of the surgery were reviewed and confirmed that the cancer hadreached areas outside the prostate. Furthermore it was not until the patient’s PSA levels started to climb post-operatively that the full extent of the injury was know. At that point the attorney was in a position to be able to fully evaluate the patient’s case. Notice that the law firm in this case limited the settlement only to the patient’s medical malpractice claim. This was especially important given the man’s poor prognosis. Of course if there will later be a wrongful death lawsuit that may be pursued will depend on a number of factors including whether the patient will pass away from the cancer or due to a different cause and whether it occurs within the time frame allowed by the relevant statute of limitations and statute of repose.

Cancer Treatment With Chinese Medicines

Cancer is a severe medical condition that could otherwise cause the patient’s body to suffer until it succumbs to the disease. If a person is suffering from cancer, the quest for total cure and recovery is long and tedious. And a lot of people don’t even get near that point.

There are a lot of biochemical drugs that are developed to attack cancer cells. But despite of the fact that these remedies work relatively well, their side effects can’t be ignored at all. Some drugs exhibit immediate side effects while others only develop them in the long run. Chemotherapy is one example of a biological treatment that is very effective. However, the patient would have to endure its side effects.

This is also the reason why a lot of patients are looking for alternative cures for cancer. For one thing, not all patients benefits from chemotherapy. While this method of treatment is readily available at hospitals, not everyone could afford a single session. And unfortunately for some, the side effects of chemotherapy damages their body further that subjecting themselves to it is not at all advisable.

This is where the use of Chinese herbs and treatment procedures come in. The quest to full recovery from cancer may be far and beyond. But it is possible to get there with the right supplements. The use of herbs and the Chinese alternative way of treatment could work in three ways. First, it could offset the damages of chemotherapy and radiation. Second, it could boost the patient’s immune system. And third, it could reduce the occurrence of tumors and cancer cells in the patient, allowing them to receive biochemical treatment less frequently.

Herbs and Chinese medicines are good supplements to the biochemical treatments developed by large pharmaceutical corporations today. While the alternative mode of healing works perfectly well, they can’t be considered as a standalone treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy is still the fastest way to kill cancer cells. And if you take herbal medicines while receiving chemotherapy, drastic improvement to your health can be expected.

Chinese Cure for Cancer With Acupuncture

For this disease too acupuncture comes in to the rescue, through the treatment, the points which cause most pain are approached and treated.

The large intestine or stomach might be focused on to relieve pain and similarly depending on the type of cancer,other points are treated.

Even though acupuncture is a slow process, it is known to create wonders.

Qi Gong for Cancer

Used to strengthen the human body’s immune system, this Chinese medicine helps fight fatigue, sense of nausea that comes with the tumor, and other side effects of chemotherapy or radiation.

Qi gong exercises helps the patients bear the pain and boosts their energy levels, letting their body fight the cancer cells.

Treat Cancer with Chinese Herbs

The Chinese herbs such as Huang Qi or Astralagus is used to increase the neutrophil level in the body to get through the chemotherapy sessions.

Apart from this ginger, and cardamom seeds are also given to help battle against nausea. And finally, Ji Xeung Teng to increase the white blood cells.

However, it is also not right to self-medicate. This means that cancer patients have to inform their doctors of the different treatment methods they are undergoing so that they can assess its effects to the body. That way, they can monitor their patient’s health better and more effectively. Also, the dosage and frequency of taking and receiving biochemical treatments could be adjusted accordingly.

Pathological discrepancies for mesothelioma and other cancers

Pathology is a specific field that involves the detailed inspection of cells and tissues under a microscope in conjunction with other tests in order to come to the right conclusion and diagnosis of a disease. Pathological diagnosis is the highest standard when it involves cancer and its classification. And because treatments and therapeutic decisions are based on the pathology findings, any misdiagnosis or incorrect conclusions can result in needless, wrong and perhaps harmful treatments for diseases such as mesothelioma.

Regrettably, studies in the last two decades have revealed that even pathology diagnosis can lead to errors and is not dependable 100% of the time. Retrospective studies have demonstrated that one pathologist may come to a different conclusion than another pathologist about the same tissues and cells.

For suspected cases of malignant mesothelioma, getting an accurate diagnosis is critical. But this can be challenging because the diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma is still laden with challenges despite modern diagnostic techniques. Today, immunohistochemistry is used to detect the specific DNA and proteins of tumor cells. These profiles can help pathologists determine if they are seeing mesothelioma or another cancer such as ovarian cancer or adenocarcinoma that may resemble mesothelioma. Even these assays, however, have issues. Today, different hospitals may use different tests as there is no one standard mesothelioma assay accepted around the world.

Mesothelioma is not the only cancer where diagnosis is challenging and there may be discrepancies in pathology among different pathologists. Here are some examples taken from the medical literature:

Brain Tumors

Pathologists may differ with each other and have different opinions.

Bladder Cancer

One study suggested that there were significant discrepancies noted in pathology of some patients; and in fact, a wrong pathology may have led to needless cystectomies.

Ovarian Cancer

One study revealed that approximately 13% of pathology slides of 43 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer were shown later not to have cancer.

Prostate Cancer

Pathology reports of 535 men were reviewed and it was found that 6 led to unnecessary prostatectomies as they were found to have a benign pathology.

Soft Tissue Lesions

There are several instances where malignant lesions were considered benign and benign lesions were considered malignant. According to one study, in about 25% of cases, major discrepancies were revealed.

In summary, when dealing with pathology reports and diagnosis of various cancers including mesothelioma, it may be wise to obtain a second opinion so as to minimize any discrepancies. If you are a patient you should talk to your doctor about this.

Discrepancies my only affect a small percentage of patients but if you are that patient it can have a dramatic effect in both your treatment and the time to getting appropriate therapy. Because mesothelioma is rare, only a small number of pathologists see a great number of these cases. Therefore it can be beneficial to discuss getting a second opinion with your doctors.

Content syndicated on behalf of Surviving Mesothelioma with their express permission. All Rights Reserved 2012.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this article

Health Concerns With Breast Implants

When cosmetic surgery is brought to the table, among the first procedures that often come to mind is breast augmentation. The reason for this is that it is among the most popular cosmetic procedure as it also remains to be the most requested. But despite all that, it is also true that there are health issues concerning breast implants. To tackle more about these issues, let’s discuss them one by one.


The latest controversy that brought breast implants into the limelight the past year was PIP scandal. Women who received this type of implants complained that of ruptures and leaks, which caused a worldwide recall of the said implants. This brought a scare to those who are affected and also got those who are planning to get one very much worried.

But in general breast implants are not really intended to last a lifetime. Just like any tangible thing, these can also succumb to eventual wear and tear. That is why experts advise that breast implants ought to be removed or changed after ten years or more.


It is true that there are listed complications when it comes to breast augmentation. Some of the documented complications include infection, sensation changes to the breast, implant displacement permanent scarring, and capsular contractures. These can be avoided or the incidence of it from occurring can be minimized through proper choice of surgeon, a thorough evaluation and the right techniques.


There have been anecdotal links between breast implants and autoimmune disorders such as scleroderma. But according to a major review that was published in 2000 after 20 studies have been conducted worldwide, there was no evidence associating implants and connective tissue diseases or autoimmune problems. This implies that a woman who is experiencing such problems will develop this problem with or without the implants.


Capsular contractures are undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable experiences one could have with breast implants. This occurs due to the scar tissue that forms around the implants. This can cause the breast implants to harden, go out of shape, and create an outward shift of the breasts. A capsular contracture is considered to be the most common change after implantation, but it can take place either a few weeks to years after surgery. In order to correct the problem, surgery may be needed to remove the scar capsule in a process called capsulotomy.


A lot of women are expressing concern on whether if breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer. According to Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, M.D. in the Mayo Clinic website, back in 2011 the FDA found a possible link between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). But further studies showed that the connection was not well-defined and isn’t really clearly supported.

For any concerns on the matter, it is best to discuss this with your doctor. Also in cases where a woman with implants develops cancer, the proper course of treatment should be discussed.


Women who received breast implants are advised to get routine breast screening for cancer, just as women who don’t have it done. This can either be done every two years. A mammogram is a procedure where two plates gently press the breast to get an image of what is inside. Women with implants should inform the radiologist that they have it because this can take more time to finish getting a clear image. Also this is to protect the implants from getting too much pressure during the procedure.


Another concern that women have with implants is whether it can affect breast milk or their ability to breastfeed. According to an American study back in 1999, there was no established risk between silicone breast implants and breastfeeding. However, the type of incision that is made during breast augmentation surgery can affect one’s ability to breastfeed. That is why patients should discuss this with their surgeon, especially if they are still in their childbearing years.

Types Of Head And Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer are now becoming increasingly common and that has become a major cause of concern. As we all know cancer is a life-threatening disease which needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to curb its growth and reduce its size. Cancer patients have to go through a number of medical procedures, which can make them really irritable, so therefore it is really important that the patient is dealing with a lot of care and compassion. Cancer can occur in any part of the body, but those which can be noted on the head and neck can be classified into 3 types:

* Nasopharyngeal cancer

This generally is noted to occur in the nasal cavity mostly seen in the upper part of the throat, which is connected to the throat region.

* Oropharyngeal cancer

The middle part of the throat happens to be affected and if not taken care of, it can spread to the tonsils as well as the tongue.

* Hypo pharyngeal cancer

This is the third category of head and neck cancer. The pyriform sinus is usually affected in this form of cancer. Such types of cancers can be really difficult to diagnose. Those who are affected with this cancer have a very low survival rate if not detected in the early onset.


Surgery is prescribed by the oncologist, surgeon depending on the kind of cancer and its growth as well as intensity. One must take opinions from a good head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria to take care of the surgery. A qualified head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria will figure out a line of treatment which will prove to be effective in the long run. If the line of treatment is followed carefully, during the initial stages of cancer the patient can definitely make a recovery after surgery, chemotherapy and other radiology treatments which follow.

Maxillofacial surgery

First up, what exactly is Maxillo facial surgery? This is a form of surgery, commonly performed by dentists, as it is mostly conducted near or in the mouth area, including the jaw or neck. This field of this kind of surgery is highly specialized and therefore one must opt for the best Maxillo-facial surgeon in Pretoria. These surgeons are some of the best in the business and perform detailed surgeries with ease because of their expertise and years of experience. A good Maxillo-facial surgeon in Pretoria will always explain the line of treatment which needs to be followed by the patient, comprehensively and then moves forward with the treatment procedure. A good doctor will ensure that you are in safe hands and will try his or her best to make sure that the surgery is successful and the patience concerned can live a long healthy life after the procedure is completed.