Foods That Is Rich In Fiber

High fiber foods are known to have many benefits. A good example of this is it helps treat constipation problems. Another role of fiber in the body is that it stabilizes bowel movements which results in the cleansing of the digestive system of the body. Fiber rich foods are also good for maintaining the blood sugar levels as well as reduce the cholesterol and high blood pressure of a person. Another advantage of high fiber foods is that it helps in the reduction of fats in the body thus losing weight is also a possible result of eating foods that are high in fiber. A lot can be gained out of eating fiber rich foods and it has been proven to be safe and effective.

Fiber food has two types, one is soluble fiber and the other is insoluble fiber. Soluble fibers are found mostly in brown rice, seeds, vegetables, oats, oat bran and seeds. And once this is dissolved in water it transforms similar to a gel which is absorbed in the intestines. The function of this type of fiber is to stabilize glucose level and cholesterol level.

The second type of fiber is insoluble fiber, this do not dissolve in water like soluble fiber does. And this is found in fruits, legumes, seeds, whole grain and etc. This passes in the digestive system wherein it removes and eliminates all toxic matters and undesired elements in the body, it is also responsible in reducing the risk of having hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer and constipation.

Soluble fiber and insoluble fiber are naturally good for the body and to take this daily will make one healthier and away from all sorts of diseases. The recommended daily intake of fiber according to medical experts has to be 20-30 grams a day in order to keep your body in shape and healthy as well. The next discussion will be focusing on some natural fiber food sources that may be useful in your search for high fiber foods.

Whole grain foods like buckwheat, millet, oats, rye, pinto beans, barley and others that are found in fiber cereals are just some of the high in fiber foods. Another is organic legumes, organic fruits and vegetables, organic nuts and seeds and many more.

There are also fiber supplements that are available in the market whereby you can take them if you had a low fiber meal though it is better that fiber be taken from natural sources because it is healthier and safer to consume everyday. Fiber supplements are also good but a better choice would be those that come from fruits and vegetables.

High fiber foods are also good in preventing cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes. So really a lot can be gained with foods that are high in fiber, it also helps one lose weight while removing all of the harmful toxins in the body through cleansing which is good if one is trying to slim down and cut down on few extra pounds.

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