What are the uncommon causes of hair loss?

Hair loss is a common disorder occurring as a result of number of causative factors. The commonly occurring causes of hair fall are mental or physical stress, hormonal imbalance, heredity and unhygienic conditions. The treatment is usually aimed at reversing these causes. However, it is often ignored that hair loss can occur because of some rare disorders also and the treatment of it has to be altered accordingly in such cases. Some rare disorders causing hair fall are mentioned beneath:

* Malnutrition: lack of essential nutrients can result in gradual thinning of the hair. People, who do not drink enough water, can also suffer from hair loss due to the dryness of the scalp. Excessive dieting can also affect the overall health of the person resulting in acute hair loss. Lack of essential nutrients also occurs in those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders like Malabsorption syndrome. In this disorder, there is reduced absorption of the nutrients from the digestive tract leading to hair fall. Zinc, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are very important from the point of view of good growth of the hair. Patients, who suffer from malnutrition, should use vitamin preparations so that the hair loss caused by it can be prevented.
* Cushing Syndrome: this is a rare condition caused by the abnormalities of the endocrine system. Although this disease does not cause hair loss directly, it can result in increased synthesis of cortisol and androgens in the body. Raised levels of androgen result in hair fall in these individuals.
* Thyroid disorders – the thyroid is a gland that secretes hormones required for the normal metabolic processes in the body. Increased synthesis of thyroid hormones can lead to hyperthyroidism and decreased synthesis of thyroid hormones can lead to hypothyroidism. Hair fall can occur due to hypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism. An imbalance of these hormones can have a negative impact on the normal functions of the body. It can also affect the cycle of hair growth resulting in thinning of the hair. Proper management of thyroid diseases can help in reducing hair loss and other symptoms caused by it. Individuals, who are suffering from hypothyroidism, can purchase Levothroid Generic that can help in correcting the imbalance of thyroid hormones and also stops the hair fall occurring as a result of this.
* Systematic Lupus Erythematosus – this is an autoimmune disorder. It is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting multiple organs and systems in the body. The inflammation can also interfere with the natural growth of the hair causing temporary hair loss.

Some other factors causing hair loss are given below:
* Skin injury
* Eczema
* Plaque psoriasis
* Dermatitis
* Acute infective disorders like typhoid and meningitis
* Cancer

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