Have A Healthier Life With A Colon Cleanse Diet

Unless having bad breath, fingernail and toe fungus, vaginal yeast infection, constipation, kidney or bladder infections and body odor are okay with you, then it is time to have a colon cleanse diet. To some who may think that it is simply a choice if you prefer to have a healthy body by eating less tasty but nutritional food over a happy life by enjoying eating just about anything, then the real choice is between growing old or dying young.

Studies show that many diseases start with the colon since it controls the bowel movement. The colon, also called the large intestines, is where the toxins can either be eliminated by having a healthy and clean colon or where the toxins will flow and reach the bloodstream as well as the liver, thereby polluting the whole system if the colon is unhealthy and clogged. A colon cleanse diet can be beneficial to a person to make sure that toxins do not get clogged or if it is already so, it will slowly be cleared from toxins and eventually become clean.

Generally, a colon cleanse diet constitutes proper food intake that results into the removal of debris in the colon. Many take a colon cleanse diet as having a food regimen that is basically plant-based and allows people to have a lesser possibility of acquiring heart disease, cancer, diabetes and new illnesses.

A high fiber colon cleanse diet is one that contains proper amounts of seeds, fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains and beans. This will make possible a healthy digestive tract through the removal of the debris left in the colon. Fibre is also useful in making the colon moist thereby softening the stool. There are both soluble and insoluble fiber foods and both are needed in a colon cleanse diet. Oats and flax seed are the best examples of food that are both insoluble and soluble fibre. 20 to 35 grams per day fibre food is highly recommended to promote proper bowel movement.

A body’s daily fiber requirement is about six or more grain servings and five or more vegetables and fruit servings. For a better understanding of how much amount of food these are, one serving would mean cup of fruits or 1 cup of leafy and raw vegetables. Also, one serving is translated to about cup of pasta, cereal or grain or a mere slice of bread.

Aside from the aforementioned methods, there are still lots of other ways to promote proper digestion and bowel movement. One may choose to take in foods that are rich in chlorophyll, eat foods with high levels of carbohydrates; drink plenty of refined water and other natural ways of colon cleaning. To keep your colon clean for the rest of your life, one should have a nutritious and healthy lifestyle.

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