Non-surgical Breast Enhancement With Macrolane

Small-breasted women have always been given a hard time by men and women alike. They are thought of as less fertile, less sexy, and – worst of all – less feminine. This has led many to the plastic surgeon’s office, ready to put themselves through pain and a long recovery period, just to get that perfect hourglass figure… at least the top half.

Thanks to an ever-increasing demand for big breasts, scientists have now arrived at an implant solution which is much simpler, quicker and more painless than cosmetic surgery. This is called Macrolane.

Macrolane is a biodegradable gel that is injected into the breasts, with the amount of size increase depending on the amount of gel injected. The gel is very slowly degraded by the body, so effects last between a year and 18 months. This is also an excellent “trial treatment” for people wondering whether or not they would want surgical breast augmentation with the more permanent silicone breast implants. However, Macrolane implants can also be topped up for a cost much lower than the initial implant procedure.

The chemical Macrolane is a form of NASHA – Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid. Macrolane, unlike the other forms of NASHA, has a large particle size, which is why it has been chosen for treating large areas like the breast and buttocks.

Before a Macrolane procedure, it is necessary to present a clear mammogram to eliminate chances of breast cancer.

Treatment is extremely short in duration, and the procedure itself is very simple. Under local anaesthesia, a large needle is inserted, and a certain amount of the Macrolane gel injected into the breast. Every 100mL of the gel gives an increase of 1 cup size, so the total amount of fluid injected is decided accordingly. The procedure – for both breasts – takes 30 minutes.

After the procedure, the patient is required to wear a supportive bra day in and day out for one week, and to wear it all day long for another week. This helps to shape the Macrolane implant to a desirable shape, and to keep it that way. After this, life goes back to normal.

The most common candidates for Macrolane implants are small-breasted women, and women who have lost breast volume due to rapid weight fluctuations, age or breast-feeding. The Macrolane implants leave no scars whatsoever, not even the single vertical scar that is left by breast augmentation surgery.

Macrolane itself is usually used only in the breasts and buttocks, but the wider family of NASHAS is suitable for use all over the body. It is quickly being seen as a substitute for Botox, especially with the costs decreasing as the procedure becomes more and more popular. Whether for penile augmentation or the removal of fine lines on the face and neck, NASHAS are extremely effective, useful and simple to use.

While most people have not been blessed with naturally perfect bodies, it is heartening to know that doctors are rapidly finding ways to help us reach our physical ideals quickly and painlessly.

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